• Jennifer Hough

    Jennifer Hough

    Irish journalist transplanted to Canada. Writing for a variety of publications. Get me on jenniferhros@icloud.com An RT doesn't mean I agree.

  • Katy Storm

    Katy Storm

    Awakening radical feminist! Liberation not 5%. I'm not free until all women are free.....If I have choices I choose liberation for all women.

  • Orla Moylan Hegarty

    Orla Moylan Hegarty

    Mathematician; Management Scientist; Food Warrior. Searching for: Patriarchy /deactivated. Repeat loop.

  • Fiona


  • Dan Olson

    Dan Olson

    Writer interested in the interplay between politics, culture, religion, and technology—and pretty much everything in between.

  • Loughlin O'Nolan

    Loughlin O'Nolan

    Have never felt tempted to include ‘social media’ in my biography.

  • John McGuirk

    John McGuirk

    You only think you hate me.

  • Sarah Pollard Oliver

    Sarah Pollard Oliver

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